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The idea for The Shankly Show came when some MP was once again rubbishing Liverpool in the media.  I started thinking about great icons of the city who represented its best qualities - top of the list, Bill Shankly.  I thought about making a unique, live, theatrical documentary celebrating the life, work and words of Shankly abd his huge impact and influence - not just on Liverpool FC, but on the whole city and the footballing world.  A show writ large unashamedly embracing the myth, emotionatio and epic stature of the man, as well as he wit, humble mining village upbringing, politics and now wrold-famous footballing psychological genius.

Further informaton:

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The Shankly Show DVD

When Bill Shankly walked into Anfield in December 1959 he was taking a few short steps that would change Liverpool Football Club forever.

His personality, passion and endless enthusiasm drove the club to new heights while his wit and wisdom brought smiles to the faces of football followers throughout the land.

50 years later the pride that he pumped into Liverpool still burns brightly.

Set in the Anfield boot room, The Shankly Show is a unique tribute to a football god, a live stage production in which the great man’s words and deeds are delivered in an intimate one-man performance encapsulating his character, emotions, and genius.

This is a whole new look at one of football’s most engaging personalities.

Filmed at The Royal Court, Liverpool

Starring: Alexander West

Running Time: 80 minutes approx.

Extras Features: The Shankly Factor



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