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ITV Film Drama

Writer: Andrew Sherlock

Director: Phillip Martin

Starring: Alun Armstrong, Lindsey Coulson, Samantha Robinson

The story of a couple, suffering from empty nest syndrome, who take in two girls from Belarus, a country that has been affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

Royal Television Society Award for 'Best Actor: Alun Armstrong'

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Writer: Andrew Sherlock

Director: Matt Bloom

Starting:  Kevin Harvey, Ged Hunter, Wyllie Longmore |

A teenage car-jacker is released from prison only to have to face the parents of the child he knocked over and killed five years ago.

Winner of the Royal Theatre Society Award for 'Best Program in the North West' 

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Film Writer 

2010 The Shankly Show, Recorded live international DVD release 1997The 

Representative, Northern Ireland Film Commission 2008 The Girls of Belarus, Worldwide DVD release of The Girls Who Came To Stay ITV Feature Drama 2007 Enterprising St Helens, St Helens Chamber 2006 Excluded, a feature ITV Drama 2006 My Six Objects, Healthy Arts Organisation 2006 Who Are You?, Healthy Arts Organisation 2005 79 Journeys, Liverpool Capital of Culture Company 2004 Way To Go, Aimhigher Greater Merseyside 2003 On Patrol, Documentary film, Liverpool City Council 2001 Closer, TV Housing Documentary, South Liverpool Housing 2000 Outside the School Gates, Arts in Regeneration and Speke Garston 

Education Action Zone 

Original Drama Television Writer 

2004 The Girls Who Came To Stay, feature TV Drama for ITV1 Network.

Transmitted nationally 2006 and broadcast worldwide. (RTS Best Actor Award Alun Armstrong 2006). 2002 On the Out, Granada TV Life in the City series transmitted March 2003. 2002 Capture the Moment, BBC TV Drama Development Award for Youth Comedy Drama Series.

Radio Writer 

2007 Jimmy’s Letters, BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play 1994 Best of Order, Produced and presented BBC Radio Documentary 1992 Digging of the Tunnel, BBC Radio Drama/Documentary 

Media Writer 

2007 Son et Lumiere, giant open-air projection history of the city. Liverpool 

Culture Company 2004 Sleepover Planet, interactive musical, BBC Online Learning 2000 The World in One City, Interactive CD-ROM, Liverpool Culture Company 1996 Talking Heads, Green awareness campaign, Mersey Travel

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